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Renault Express Diesel

Q. Hello. My name is Vitor and I have a Renault Express 1.6 liter diesel. The problem I have is with the cooling system, every 40 km the car "drinks" about 3 till 5 liters of water, I cant see any water leak only oil, lots of oil but the level is almost the time correct, when I fill it with water again, the water just disappear. The engine is always getting hot.

Thanks for your time and sorry my English. (I'm Portuguese)

Renault Express Diesel

A. My Mother was Portuguese and came from Anadia Portugal where my Grandmother and Grandfather lived until they died.

Anyway, I'm afraid that the news is not good. If it is consuming coolant at that rate and there are no leaks, then the head gasket is gone and will need to be replaced.

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