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Adjusting Dodge Caravan Transmission

Q. I have a 1995 Dodge Caravan with a 3-speed transmission, 80,000 kms on a rebuild. I changed the oil and filter and adjusted the bands from information in a book. FIRST/REVERSE 41 in/lbs back off 3½ turns. Kickdown 72 in/lbs back off 2½ turns. Oil was for Dodge. Had a small seep so I put some Lucas stop leak in. Now the transmission is slipping when cold. Could it be the Lucas or are the adjustments wrong?

Thanks for any help...

Adjusting Dodge Caravan Transmission

A. The proper fluid for that is Mopar ATF Plus 3 Type 7176. I recommend using it as I have found it does make a difference.


  1. Loosen, then back off locknut approximately five turns.
  2. Tighten adjusting screw to 41 in.lb.
  3. Back adjusting screw off 3½ turns, then tighten locknut to specifications

The kickdown band adjusting screw is located on the left side, top front of the transaxle case.

  1. Loosen locknut and back off nut approximately five turns, Fig. 4. Ensure adjusting screw turns freely in the transaxle case.
  2. Using tool No. C-3880-A and adapter tool No. C-3705 , or equivalents, tighten band adjusting screw to72 in.lb.
  3. Back adjusting screw off 2¼ turns, then holding screw in position, tighten locknut to specifications.

So it seems that you did the adjustment to the correct specifications. I think the problem is being caused by the transmission stop leak. I don't recommend the use of any kind of stop leak because most times they cause more problems then they cure.

Adjusting Dodge Caravan Transmission
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