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Dodge Ram A/C Blows Hot And Cold

Q. Hello, I own a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500, V-6 standard transmission, with 92,000 miles. I have power steering and A/C sometimes. That is actually my question. In the five years I have not used my A/C a tremendous amount, except in the heat of the summer. So I am a little confused as to why it is not performing the way it should.

Dodge Ram A/C Blows Hot And Cold

Sometimes when you turn it on, it starts blowing cold air, not as much as it should on MAX, but still cold air. Just the same then it begins to deplete eventually to the point warm air.

Other scenario is as follows, no cold air initially, and then it begins to blow cold for a bit, then again returning to blow warm. In both instances, however there is a noticeable pull of horsepower to the compressor. So it is obviously get juice. Any suggestions? I appreciate your response.

Thank you,

A. I'm afraid that non-use of an automotive air conditioning system doesn't necessarily store reliable service up like money would accumulate in a bank account, although wear and tear on moving parts such as the compressor certainly is reduced.

Time can cause the various chemicals in the A/C system to break down and come to rest on critical areas such as the orifice filter and accumulator/dryer which can reduce your systems efficiency.

I recommend that you have your system diagnosed and serviced by an A/C professional, it maybe that it simply needs to have the freon freshened up or I would think worst case would be a complete flush and replacement of the orifice filter cartridge.

it is a good idea to run the A/C for 15 or 20 minutes every two weeks or so to circulate the A/C oil through the system and keep the seals and hoses coated with oil.

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