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Toyota Celica GTS Runs A Little Rough

Q. I have a 1983 Toyota Celica GTS with a 2.4 liter engine (22RE). When the engine reaches normal temp, it seems to run rough and lose some bottom-end power. When I first start the car in the morning, it runs very good. It passed the CA emissions test with flying colors.

The car has 190,000 miles and has EFI. 5-speed trans. I would like to know if you could suggest anything? Could it be running lean maybe? Uses lots of gas too. Seems to kind of idle rough and unsteady at normal operating temperature. Doesn't misfire but just runs rough.

Also inform me if you know how to check EFI computer codes manually!


A. With that high milage I would say that the injectors are probably very dirty and can use a good cleaning or replacement. Another thing I would suggest is to take off the air intake hose at the throttle body and give the inside of the throttle body a good cleaning with carburetor cleaner.

You might want to take it into a shop with an exhaust analyzer and see what's coming out of the tail pipe. High milage cars generally need a little more fuel and if it is on the lean side, they can richen the mixture a little bit to compensate for the age and miles.

Most cars can have the computer codes pulled manually, some require a scan tool to bring them up. If you tell me what car you want to pull codes from, I should be able to help you with that.

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