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Jeep Cherokee Leak Detection Pump II

Q. Dear Vincent, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had my Check Engine Light come on and stay on and decided to research the Internet for the problem eventually finding your article. My Jeep Cherokee (2001) is the same year and model as the one in your article Jeep Cherokee Leak Detection Pump, except it has 45,000 miles.

Jeep Cherokee Leak Detection Pump II

I went to a national auto parts store and they checked my "P" codes for free and it indicated that I had a slow leak in my evaporative emission system. Per the clerks suggestion, I applied some grease around the "O" ring of my gas cap which did not correct the problem.

I went to a Five Star Chrysler dealership for further diagnosis. After they checked the system they said that the problem was a corroded vent valve in the gas cap, which they replaced with a new one. They said that the cost of the cap would be covered by the $75.00 diagnosis charge when I promptly informed them that it should be covered under the Federal Law per your article.

They apologized for the oversight and said that it was covered. I walked out with a new gas cap and "No Charge". Again thank you. You saved me $75.00 I also think that you may want to address the leaky gas cap vent valve condition in some future article. Is there a simple test for this, like temporarily taping the orifice to see if the check engine light goes out?


A. I'm glad I was able to, indirectly, help you out. Maybe you could take a small amount of that savings and donate it to the local Make-A-Wish Foundation?

The easiest way to test a gas cap is to replace it with a known good cap. If I charged $75.00 for each Check Engine Light on that I just tightened the gas cap on, I'd be a rich man.

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