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Ford Explorer Anti-Slosh Module

Q. 1992 Ford Explorer. How and where do I replace the fuel gauge Anti-Slosh Module? Also, I would like a part number or reference of some kind. It would seem that this is a ghost part.

Ford Explorer Anti-Slosh Module

A. The Fuel Gauge is connected to the Fuel Gauge Sender through the Anti-Slosh Module. The sender is a variable resistor connected to a float in the fuel tank which determines the amount of fuel in the tank Anti-Slosh Module. The Anti-Slosh Module provides a delay circuit to the Fuel Gauge which prevents the Fuel Gauge from fluctuating due to excessive movement in the fuel tank.

The Anti-Slosh Module is part of the instrument cluster and to replace it you will need to replace the entire instrument cluster.

Ford Explorer Anti-Slosh Module

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