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Chevy Malibu Power Window Problem

Q. Hi Vince, I'm a first time "asker". I've been having some problems with the power window control in my 1999 Chevy Malibu. I finally, by luck, found out how to roll the driver's side front window up and down after a couple weeks problems with it. However, when I rolled it up tonight, the rear passenger side window went down and I can't get it to go back up.

Chevy Malibu Power Window Problem

Do you know of any online wiring manuals I can look up, or if you can give me some direct advice about what I can do to rewire or otherwise correct this problem? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


A. Re-wire???? If there is a problem, please see someone before trying to re-wire anything. It's probably just a bad switch or a wire problem.

Have you tried a local library reference section for a service manual?

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