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Saturn SL2 Cranks But Won't Start

Q. Let's see if you can beat the Saturn guys, they are supposed to have great support. I just bought this car off my Father, a 1999 Saturn SL2 with 143,000 miles. He has had it for sale over a half a year now, but it has a recurring problem where it does not start. The motor always fires right up, when it wants to, but occasionally it doesn't.

Saturn SL2 Cranks But Won't Start

I have been told it has an immobilizer, which keeps it from staring. The problem lies there. Sometimes, it just turns over. You can come back in an hour or four, then it starts. I really to fix it. Please call me of you need more details. I am really against a wall.

Thank you,

A. Is it a factory immobilizer? Most GM factory stuff won't let the engine crank at all. This sounds like a spark or fuel problem to me.

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