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Pontiac Grand Prix Idle Fluctuations

Q. 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.4 liter DOHC, automatic transmission. Engine recently installed with just under 70,000 miles. Car has 160,000 highway miles. Cannot have A/C (or defrost) on at an idle. Idle will cycle and almost stall. Idle even seems to act up without A/C after engine is hot, but not as severe.

Pontiac Grand Prix Idle Fluctuations

Fault code is generated indicating EGR 3 Solenoid Error. EGR replaced and same code is generated. scanner indicates EGR is fine. IAC and TPS also replaced. It seems that the compressor being on disrupts everything. Just what does compensate for the activation of the compressor at an idle, or am I out in right field somewhere?

Thanks in advance, you have helped me before!

A. The PCM sends a signal to IAC depending on load sensed. The EGR code bothers me. The light doesn't come on for no reason. Maybe the PCM is freaking out. This could cause both problems. A GM scanner will be able to turn on each of the solenoids for EGR. This will tell you if they work or there is a bad wire or PCM is dead on that circuit.

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