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Chevrolet Camaro Diagnostic Codes

Q. Do you have the trouble codes for 1983 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro with cross fire fuel injection? Could you send them to me, please?

Thank you,
Kellie B.

Chevrolet Camaro Diagnostic Codes

A. Here you go!

  • Code 13 Oxygen Sensor Circuit
  • Code 14 Coolant Sensor Circuit (Signal Voltage Low)
  • Code 15 Coolant Sensor Circuit (Signal Voltage High)
  • Code 21 Throttle Position Sensor (Signal Voltage High)
  • Code 22 Throttle Position Sensor (Signal Voltage Low)
  • Code 24 Vehicle Speed Sensor (With Integral Buffer)
  • Code 33 MAP Sensor Circuit (Signal Voltage High)
  • Code 34 MAP Sensor Circuit (Signal Voltage Low)
  • Code 42 Electronic Spark Timing (EST)
  • Code 43 Electronic Spark Control (ESC)
  • Code 44 Lean Exhaust Indication
  • Code 45 Rich Exhaust Indication
  • Code 51 Check that all PROM pins are fully inserted into the socket. If connections are good replace the PROM. Clear memory and check for codes. If code 51 returns replace the ECM.
  • Code 55 Replace Electronic Control Module (ECM). Clear memory, confirm closed loop and check for no Check Engine Light.

Additional Information provided courtesy of AllDATA

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