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Mercury Sable Rough Idle

Q. My 1995 Mercury Sable and I need some help. When I am at highway speed and it park it runs good but if it is in gear at an idle it runs so rough that the hood vibrates. I have changed the cap, rotor, plugs and wires and have also checked the timing. It also use's more fuel now.

Mercury Sable Rough Idle

This has the 3.0 liter V-6 with an automatic transmission. There is only 95,000 miles on this car. I could use any help or ideas that you have to help solve this problem.

Thank You,

A. Well John, the first thing a recommend with any idle problem is to clean the throttle body a good cleaning. That is the main cause of many idle problems.

I would also try removing the IAC solenoid and inspect it for contamination. If contamination is present, determine if the solenoid is a type that can be cleaned.

Ford Escort Rough Idle In Gear

This type of IAC solenoid (above) is serviceable and may be removed and cleaned of sludge deposits that accumulate within the valve.

Ford Escort Rough Idle In Gear

This type of IAC solenoid (above) is not serviceable and cannot be cleaned

If it can't be cleaned, or cleaning is not effective, I would try pulling the codes from the computer and see where that leads us..

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