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Buick Regal Won't Get Hot

Q. I have a 1991 Buick Regal Gran Sport with a 3800 engine in it and I just had the system flushed and new hoses put on, but now I have no heat, my mechanic said that there maybe a filter behind the heater core that may be clogged with dirt or debris, but there is no filter.

Buick Regal Won't Get Hot

The fan comes on and so does the blower, but it still does not blow heat, even though you can feel the heat, it just doesn't blow. HELP!! What can I do or where do I look next??????????? Yes, it has a new thermostat and radiator cap.

A. From what I understand here, the blower is running and the hoses are hot but you have little or no air flow out the ducts. You have a clogged A/C evaporator core. It's clogged with lint or leaves or pet hair or rodent nest. All incoming air must pass through the evaporator and then the heater core. If you pull out the blower motor you may be able to look in and see what is going on.

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