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Chevy S-10 Won't Start

Q. Hi Vincent, I am 100% stumped and in desperate need of help. My truck hadn't been driven in about two years, so I decide to drag it out and run it for a bit. I actually taught a friend how to drive a manual that day, and of course he killed it a few times. It would start right back up and we'd be on our way again.

Chevy S-10 Won't Start

After about two hours we pulled back into my driveway, cleaned it up, and went to take it out again. But it wouldn't start. I got the jack stands out and took of the right tire front tire to get to the coil/distributor. Here is all I know that is working:

  • Checked all fuses... good.
  • Getting 12 volts from one of the wires going to the coil with the key switch in the on position and in start position.
  • Took the Distributor Module into AutoZone to check... good.
  • Rotor button on distributor is turning
  • Replaced the coil
  • Took the plug going from coil to distributor off and had someone turn the engine over. Not getting an arc from that plug when i hold it up to a ground or to the nipple on the distributor.

Here is my vehicles info...
1987 Chevy S-10
2.5 liter 4 cylinder
225,000 miles

It looks to me like whatever tells the coil to fire isn't working. I've done all I know. Please help! :-)

Thank you so much,

A. There is a pick-up coil in there and possibly a "hall-effect" switch as well. I would replace all the stuff inside the distributor, or just get a rebuilt distributor. Make sure that the Check Engine light comes on when the ignition is on. If not, check the ECM fuse.

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