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Dodge Timing And Idle Speed

Q. Dear Vincent: A friend of mine bought a 1986 Dodge 350 Royal 1-ton van to carry materials for his job. It appears to have a 318 or 360 CID engine with a 2-bbl carburetor and an automatic transmission without California emissions. The emissions sticker is gone.

Consequently, I cannot tell the engine size. I also cannot tell what the timing and idle speed should be. It was running quite rough and stalled frequently. The timing was set at +/- 30 degrees BTDC (which seemed excessive to me) at 500 RPMs. I reset the timing to 18 degrees BTDC at 850 RPMs. It runs much better. However, I would like to get it properly set. Could you inform me as to the proper timing and idle adjustment for this vehicle?

Thank you,

A. If it has a 2-bbl carburetor on it, it's a 318. The 360's came with a 4-bbl from the factory. Look at the 8th d8igit of the VIN.

T = 318 2-bbl 145 HP
W = 360 4-bbl 180 HP
I = 360 4-bbl 175 HP

The ignition timing depends on the part number of the Spark Control Computer. Idle speed is 750 rpm +/- 50 rpm.

Timing Specifications

Spark Control Computer Basic Timing
4289603 12 deg
4289615 16 deg
4289617 12 deg
4289637 8 deg
4289637 8 deg
4289845 8 deg
4289908 16 deg
4289977 8 deg
4289982 12 deg
4289236 8 deg

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