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Jeep Selec-Trac or Quadra-Trac?

Q. Dear Sir, I came across your site and email address doing a web search. Maybe you might be able to help me here. I'm trying to purchase a used Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee in 4WD, however I don't know if on my limited budget I should look for a Selec-Trac or Quadra-Trac drive system.

Jeep Selec-Trac or Quadra-Trac?

Can you possibly tell me which would be sturdier, maybe less failure rates, as well as lower in cost to repair if needed?


A. Tough call Chris, they are both pretty good systems. Both systems are very similar and the main difference is how they shift the transfer case. Both are reliable with similar track records. But when something does go wrong, it can be costly to repair, as any 4WD system would be.

The full-time feature of the Selec-Trac is there for street use and doesn't really have any real off-road benefit. The full-time feature allows you to run in a 4WD high range on any kind of surface and can make up for the slightly different distances the front wheels travel vs the rears by allowing some slippage between the two ends. You could run your Cherokee in the full-time mode running down dry freeways with the go pedal mashed to the floor if you wanted to... it will even give you a little more stability in high speed turns since the front tires are doing as much driving work as the rears... but most people use it as a foul weather 4WD mode.

Check here for more information on Quadra-Trac From JP Magazine.

I believe Quadra-Trac was used up to 1986 when it became Select-Trac, but I could be wrong. I know some Jeep-heads out there will write me with the complete history of the two systems.

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