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Dodge And GM Oil Pressure Switches

Q. 1. 1977 Chevy-10 van. 350 V-8 over 200,000 miles. I am trying to locate the oil sending unit, my oil gauge is not working. Where is it located?

2. 1986 Dodge 250 Ram conversion van. 318 V-8 200,000 miles. My oil gauge use to work all the time, but now it works when it feels like, which isn't to often. I am also trying to locate where it is located

Thank you,

Dodge And GM Oil Pressure Switches

A. Here you go Joe!

Dodge And GM Oil Pressure Switches
GM 350 - Behind Distributor/Coil Assembly

Dodge And GM Oil Pressure Switches
Chrysler 318 - Behind Distributor/Coil Assembly

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