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Proton Wira Valves

Q. Dear Sir, For your information my car problem: car made: Proton Wira 1.5 auto ( Malaysia Car). Now when we need to speed have same knocking at valve. What we need to done this matter?

Thanks all.

A. You didn't mention the year of the car, but if the noise is coming from the valves then the problem lies with the lifters. Some Protons had mechanical lifters and others had hydraulic lifters, depending on year and model.

If you remove the valve cover and look at the rockers you will be able to tell if they are mechanical by the adjusting screw and lock nut. I don't have the specifications for them but the valve clearance should be on a decal in the engine compartment. Generally intake valves are adjusted to 0.010" cold engine and exhaust vales are 0.012" cold engine. When you adjust the valves the cam lobe must be opposite the rocker to do it properly.

If the valves are hydraulic, then you might try changing the oil and filter, replacing one quart of oil with ATF and run it for 3,000 miles and do it again. This will clean the lifters out and if dirt is the problem, the noise should clear up. If not, the lifters will need to be replaced.

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