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Q. My name is BJ. I have some questions, two are about dry gas, one is about fuel injector cleaners, one is about motor oil and one is about coolant.

1. I put dry gas that has isopropyl alcohol in it into my tank. From what I understand, a friend told me to keep putting it in to keep the fuel line clean and away from corrosion. Is he right about this?

2. What is the best product for dry gas, and what is the best chemical for it, Isopropyl Alcohol or Methanal?

3. I put a product called Regane from Gumout into my tank. It works well, and it keeps my injectors clean but is there other products out there that could help keep the injectors clean?

4. What is the best motor oil product on the market for high mileage car? I have a 1992 Dodge Minivan with a mileage of 99,356.

5. How do I keep my radiator from corrosion and keeping it clean for a long period of time?

Can you help me???

A. Okay, by the numbers:

1. Dry gas with isopropyl really doesn't do much for cleaning the fuel system, it will just keep it from freezing. Ethanol will both keep it clean and freeze free.

2. Dry gas is good and one brand of dry gas is as good as another. While Isopropyl or methanol will work, most dry gas is made from isopropyl and work well. If you live in an area where ethanol is blended with the fuel you don't need to use any type of dry gas at all. The ethanol does the same exact thing.

3. If Regane works well for you, stick with it. Don't switch around.

4. If the engine is not smoking and is in otherwise good condition, any quality brand of motor oil such as Valvoline, Quaker State or Kendal will provide the protection you need. Of course the best oil in the world won't protect an engine if it's left in too long. I recommend an oil and filter change every 3,000 miles for the best protection.

5. The best way to protect the cooling system is to replace the coolant every two years and to keep the reserve tank filled to the proper level. By keeping the proper level in the reserve tank you keep air from entering the cooling system. No air, no corrosion.

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