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Ford Aerostar Has Sticky Brakes

Q. Vincent, I just purchased a 1993 Ford Aerostar mini van, with 133,000 miles ABS rear brakes disk on front. The previous owner had new brakes put on. Now when I first start up the van and put it in gear, it appears that the brakes are engaged until I push on the gas. Is this a easy fix or do you think this is going to cost me?


Ford Aerostar Has Sticky Brakes

A. It very well could be a sticking emergency brake cable, if you set the brake when you park it overnight. Greasing the cables and working them in manually should solve the problem.

If you don't set the brake then it could be as simple as a sticking caliper or faulty brake spring in one of the rear brakes.

To isolate the problem I would jack it up first thing in the morning, after it sits idle, one wheel at a time. You should be able to spin the front wheels with little effort and only hear a slight metallic scraping noise. Of course when you jack up the rear wheels you should chock the front wheels for safety and put the transmission in neutral.

With a single rear wheel off the ground it should take a bit more effort to turn than the front, and you will hear a similar noise if everything is okay. If the brakes are locked as hard as you say, the wheel or wheels that are the culprit will be almost impossible for you to spin by hand.

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