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Chevy Corsica Stalls At Stops

Q. Dear Mr Ciulla, I have a 1992 Chevy Corsica, 3.1 litre with ABS and P/S. The air conditioning is no longer functions because I had a pulley attached to bypass it. My problem is that my car is stalling. the problem occurs when I am driving my car at speed of 100 kph for a period of time on the highway.

Chevy Corsica Stalls At Stops

After driving for 30 to 50 minutes I can hear a knock in the engine when I suddenly accelerates. The car will respond but only after a knock in the car that varies depending on the amount of gas supplied to the engine. Also, as the car starts to slow down, it begins to shake a bit and there appears to be lost in power. I can tell that the car is going to stall.

After driving the car for awhile at speeds of 100 kph, I can not go slower than 10 kph because the car will stall. After it stalls, I can immediately start the car. The engine runs perfect but when I pull the car down into drive or reverse it stalls again. I can even start the car in neutral but as soon as I pull it down in gear, it will stall. This only occurs after driving on the highway.

After the car stalls, I wait a certain amount of time ( roughly 10 minutes) and the car starts. If I do not go faster than 60 kph the car is fine. My wife uses this car for driving around town and to work. It works perfect. However, if I take the car on the highway this problem appears.

The car runs fine until I start to slow down. The mechanics can not determine the problem because they can not get a reading when they do a system analysis on the car.

Could you please help me? I am frustrated my this problem. I enjoy reading your responses.

Newfoundland, Canada

A. Your torque converter clutch is sticking on in the transmission. You can unplug the plug on the front side of transmission to disable it to prove this is the problem. If so, get a few estimates to replace the TCC solenoid inside the transmission.

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