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Chevy Cavalier Low Oil Pressure

Q. Hi Vincent, I have a 1986 Chevy Cavalier Z24 with a 2.8 liter, 4 speed. It has about 220,000 kilometers on it. It is fuel injected, and it does not have ABS brakes, A/C, or cruise, but it has power steering, I am not sure if it is rack or pinion steering. My problem is I changed my spark plugs and wires, and know it seams like it won't start right off the bat anymore.

Chevy Cavalier Low Oil Pressure

I have to press the gas pedal a little to get it going. I thought that full injected cars with electronic gas pumps don't need to do that. And also I have a problem with oil pressure. When I drive the pressure is fine and even when I drive it for the first five minutes. But when it starts to warm up it seems, when I come to a red light the pressure drops all the way. I have to rev my engine a little to keep it going. Today I was at a red light and it shut off. I thought it was the oil pump. So I replaced it. That did not do anything.

I recently painted my valve cover in the front. Would that have anything to do with it? I changed the gasket, but maybe there is an air leak. I don't see how that would affect it, because I am sure that it is on tight. Please help!

Thank you,

A. Have you put a mechanical oil pressure gauge on it to verify what the pressure is? Sounds like the sending unit may be bad. This sender also helps control the fuel pump.

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