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Ford Thunderbird Heater Core

Q. Hello. I don't really know if you can help me or not, but here is my problem. I own a 1995 Ford Thunderbird and I need to replace the heating coil in it. My father being the mechanic he is, cannot seem to get the old one out to put the new one in. My car right now is sitting in his garage in a mess because of course my dash board is off and my console is torn apart.

Ford Thunderbird Heater Core

Is there a trick that we don't know about that would make this process a little easier. Or is there just something simple that we are overlooking? Any advice you have would be so helpful and appreciated.

Thank you...

A. I'm assuming you mean the heater core. Once you have the heater hoses off, the heater core tube gasket and heater core cover and seal off, the heater core should slide out of the heater case. Nothing really special about it. Most likely it's stuck and just needs to be worked out. Did he remove the A/C evaporator housing assembly first?

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