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Ford F-150 Steering Box Adjustment

Q. Hello, I have a 1993 Ford F-150. It has developed a front end problem. It is all over the road when driving. I have a feeling the steering box is in need of adjustment. Can you please let me know how this is done? The steering box has a screw with a lock nut holding tight. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Ford F-150 Steering Box Adjustment

A. To check how much adjustment is needed turn the steering wheel to one side just until the front wheels just start to turn. Then turn it in the opposite direction until the wheels just start to turn the opposite direction. By seeing how much the steering wheel turns before effecting the front wheels will give you an idea how far out of adjustment the steering gear is.

Ford F-150 Steering Box Adjustment

If the wheel turns more than one inch, the steering gear needs to be adjusted.

To adjust the steering gear, hold the adjusting screw and loosen the lock nut just enough to turn the screw. Turn the adjusting screw IN a ¼ turn and tighten the lock nut.

Drive the vehicle about a mile making various left and right turns and check it again. If it needs more adjustment, do it a ¼ turn at a time and driving it until you get about 1" to 1½" free play in the steering wheel.

Naturally before you attempt any kind of adjustments, you should have the steering linkage checked to insure everything is good. Worn out tie rod ends and idler arm will cause the same symptoms.

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