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Lincoln Continental Electrical Problems

Q. Hello! Please help me with the following electrical problem I'am having with my 1994 Lincoln Continental Signature auto. I was driving on a local route, and all of a sudden, water started spraying on my windshield. The dash panel lights started flashing on and off.

Lincoln Continental Electrical Problems

I pulled over and open my hood, the battery was steaming, so I disconnected the battery and saw a Goodyear repair service near, had it tow to the shop. This afternoon, I pick my car up, the shop mechanic told me it was the battery that went bad. Put a new battery and drove off.

A block down the road, I realized that the windshield did not work, and the lights on the dash did not work. I returned to the shop and ask the mechanic if he check this. He then proceeded to check with a light tester and all the fuses under the dash were okay. Under the wheel inside the car one fuses was replace and it burned again. He say'd it was Friday and for me to leave the car.

I did not feel that he had done a good check, I paid $169.00 dollars and still had problems. I left, but still have no light to tell me my speed, my gas level and all other necessary information on the dash. Please advise.


A. Most likely the water that sprayed on your windshield caused a short which in turn ruined your battery. By replacing the battery, the mechanic alleviated a symptom but didn't seek to repair the root cause.

Recommend you have the wiring, fuse and relay panels inspected for areas open to weather or else this situation has the potential to repeat itself.

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