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Jeep Cherokee "Maint Reqd"

Q. My "Maint Reqd" light recently came on. It has been on once before. I had the oxygen sensor replaced by the dealership and they took care of the light. I took the Jeep to a dealership again this time to determine why the light may be on.

As suspected, the light is indicating that I have reached a mileage milestone and it is reminding me to have recommended services performed. The recommended services include replacing spark plugs, wires, serpentine belt, distributor, transmission fluid and differential fluid according to the technician that looked at the vehicle.

I have already completed some of this maintenance myself and the technician refuses to turn off the light. He comments that the emissions part of the recommended service is his area of concern. (The Jeep continues to easily pass emissions standards.)

The service manager at the same dealership stated that disconnecting the battery will allow the computer to reset itself and the light will turn off. This does not work. How does the DIYer reset this light?

The patient:
1991 Jeep Cherokee
4.0 liter, 6 cylinder
Automatic transmission
126,000 miles
Fuel Injection


A. Here it is Jarett, but it ain't good.

Emission Maintenance Reminder Light (EMR) Reset.

This output device is located in the instrument panel, and its purpose is to inform the driver that the vehicle requires scheduled maintenance for certain emission system components. The Single Board Engine Controller (SBEC) illuminates this lamp at certain mileage intervals. The controller keeps track of the vehicle mileage by monitoring the vehicle distance (speed) sensor. The EMR Lamp illuminates at 82,500 mi.

The EMR light can ONLY be reset through the use of a SCAN TOOL.

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