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Chevy S-10 A/C Blowing Hot Air

Q. Hi, Well I've found your site quite helpful in the past, however, now I'm stuck with a rather puzzling problem. About two years ago I added some R-134a refrigerant to my 1994 Chevy S-10 4.3 liter V-6 4x4. Currently with about 78,000 miles on it. And I followed the instructions to the letter and all worked great for that summer.

Chevy S-10 A/C Blowing Hot Air

However, the following summer, the A/C went again, but I did NOT recharge the system again. Instead, just today, July 20th 2003, after yet another full year of no A/C, I went to the local store and bought four cans of R-134a refrigerant. I got one with the oil and three without the oil. Here are the exact steps I followed.

  • First, I turned on the truck and the A/C to full power. I checked the fuse box, and fuse was not blown.
  • Then I started to add the first can of refrigerant with oil.
  • It went in slow, but went in. The compressor did not kick on.
  • So I started to add the second can, after a really long time of waiting, that can finally came empty and still the compressor did NOT turn on.
  • I attempted to add the third can but I think the pressure in the system may have been so high that nothing would flow.

I'm assuming that my system is full. Probably over full as when I took off the filling hose off the solenoid, the pressure pushed the fitting off with quite a bit of force, and my compressor still does not turn on. I get nothing but hot air from the vents inside the vehicle. Even after attempting to drive it a while to see if that loosen's things up a bit. Nothing. HELP! Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,
Helena, MT

A. This may be controlled by the ECM. There are also a couple of pressure switches in the system. One should be on the accumulator. This is the low pressure switch. If the pressure drops below 28 psi the compressor will stop running. This switch could be bad. There needs to be power on one side of the switch with the A/C on. If the pressure is above 28 psi the switch should close and complete the circuit.

You could run a jumper wire across the two wires and see if the compressor runs. Same with the high side switch on the rear of the compressor. The magnet coil on the compressor may be bad to.

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