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Buick Regal Has A Lot Of Codes

Q. I have 1991 Buick Regal 3.8 liter V-6. I recently had my car checked. My Check Engine Light was flashing. The codes I got were:

  • 13 Oxygen sensor
  • 21 TPS sensor
  • 22 TPS
  • 23 Manifold air temp sensor
  • 34 Mass air flow sensor
  • 39 torque converter clutch sensor
  • 41 cam shaft position sensor
  • 44 Oxygen sensor
  • low coolant sensor
Buick Regal Has A Lot Of Codes

The tech said I need to get the ECM fixed. What is the ECM, Electric engine control module or electric chassis control module? The car runs okay but some times cuts off Mostly when I make sharp turns but comes right back on. HELP!

Thank you,

A. With this many codes I would point to the ECM myself. It's the Electronic Control Module. The computer that runs the engine.

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