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Chevy Suburban Transmission Leak?

Q. I recently purchased a 1999 Chevy Suburban and have considerable transmission fluid on the garage floor the day after I drive it. I have had it in the dealer's garage three times and first time they changed the pan gasket, saying it leaked. Next day same leak on the floor. Garage can not find anything wrong. I looked under the Suburban myself and can see nothing. About a half pint of fluid each time the leak shows up. Attached a picture of fluid leak with gallon can for reference. Fluid is red and under transmission.


Chevy Suburban Transmission Leak?

A. This car also has red coolant! These are known for the intake gaskets leaking. Have them pressure test your cooling system. Coolant can run down the top of the bell housing and drip off the engine in the transmission area. You would be able to "feel" the difference in transmission fluid and coolant. The transmission fluid will be thicker and slippery. The coolant feels more like water.

Chevy Suburban Transmission Leak?

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