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Tech 2 Scan Tool

Q. Dear Sirs, I'm the daughter of the titular of a firm which attend to the assistance and overhaul automatic gear boxes here in Turin (Italy) and I would like to do this job me too in the future. I found your address on the web and I'm writing to know if you can help me to find a particular which here seems don't exist.

The part I need is a memory card 10MB for Tech 2 to test American Vehicles. I endeavored information on web, on each shop, but nobody can tell me where I could find trhis Memory Card. Moreover I don't know who is the producer of Tech 2, so it's very difficult my search.

Please can you tell me something about what I'm going to find? It's very important. I hope you will can understand my letter.

Thank you in advance,

A. I understand you perfectly Sonja, I just hope I can help you. I know of two "Tech 2" scan tools. One is made by Vetronix and the other one is made by OTC. If you contact them with the model number of the tool you have, I'm sure that they will be able to help you.

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