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Jeep Grand Cherokee Spark Plug Shields

Q. Hi, I have a 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2 liter V-8 engine. I am having trouble with my keyless entry remote. I can't get the doors to lock or unlock with the remote. Although I can use the key to manually set and disable the factory installed alarm. The first thing I tried to do was reprogram the remotes following a procedure I found on your site.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Spark Plug Shields

But it didn't seem to work so I researched the Jeep remote system some more. What I found out was that the 1997 Grand Cherokee uses a RF system and not the IR system that was used in earlier vehicles.

So after I realized I had a keyless remote RF system I thought the problem could be one of two possibilities.

1. Dead battery in the remote. I put in a new battery and it still wouldn't work. I tried using the second remote I have and it wouldn't work either. So I ruled this out.

2. I was working on my Grand Cherokee a few weeks ago and had the battery disconnected for about a week. After I finished working on it and reinstalled the battery I had to reset the dashboard clock and date since they lost their settings. I thought having the battery disconnected for a while might have screwed up the alarm.

Prior to disconnecting the battery to work on the vehicle I recall the remote wouldn't lock and unlock the doors, at the time I assumed I had dead batteries in the remote and was going to get new ones after working on the vehicle.

One other question: Since I have almost 130,000 miles on my Grand Cherokee I want to do a tune-up and replace the spark plugs and wires. I have looked at the plugs and see heat shield tubes around each plug and I could not pull the wires off by hand. The spark plug heat shield tubes extend upwards and enclose the plug and the end of the wire that is attached so that is the reason I can not get a good grip on them to remove.

Would a normal spark plug wire puller remove these wires or do I need to go to a Chrysler Dealer for a special wire puller? Any help would be appreciated.


A. To program the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE ) transmitter access codes into the RKE receiver in the Passenger Door Module (PDM ) requires the use of the "Chrysler Diagnostic Readout Box" (DRB) scan tool. Chrysler DOES NOT provide a procedure for programming the RKE transmitter without the DRB scan tool for this make and model.

Spark plug cable heat shields are pressed into the cylinder head to surround each cable boot and spark plug (Fig. 1).

Jeep Grand Cherokee Spark Plug Shields
Figure 1

If removal of the heat shield(s) is necessary, remove the spark plug cable and compress the sides of shield for removal. Each shield is slotted to allow for compression and removal. To install the shields, align shield to machined opening in cylinder head and tap into place with a block of wood.

No special spark plug wire puller is needed, although a straight pair would work best.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Spark Plug Shields
Figure 2
  1. Always remove the spark plug or ignition coil cables by grasping at the cable boot (Fig. 2). Turn the cable boot ½-turn and pull straight back in a steady motion. Never pull directly on the cable. Internal damage to the cable will result.
  2. Prior to removing the spark plug, spray compressed air around the spark plug hole and the area around the spark plug. This will help prevent foreign material from entering the combustion chamber.
  3. Remove the spark plug using a quality socket with a rubber or foam insert.
  4. Inspect the spark plug condition.

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