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Three Buick Park Avenue Problems

Q. Hello, I am at wits end with the ABS light constantly on in my Buick. I have a 1992 Buick Park Avenue with 129,000 miles. Excellent runner, clean, etc. It is a six cylinder, automatic transmission, fuel injected, P/S, A/C and cruise control. To date, I have had the master cylinder replaced, wheel bearings and cylinders, brake lines, and of course shoes and calipers.

Three Buick Park Avenue Problems

Everyone has a different answer to why the ABS light remains on and it has far surpassed my budget trying to get that darn ABS light to stay off. Prior to any work being done with regard to my brakes, it wasn't on at all!! The main reason I had anyone touch them at all was that the pedal was a bit too soft to my liking.

Now, so far I've been told to ignore it as the brakes are fine, I've been told that one of the brake sensors that relay to the computer are weak, and several more that sure aren't worth repeating. Hopefully, you have a more intelligent answer to this dilemma. All this is great, but what would happen if something was wrong with the ABS and the light was "already on"?

Part 2: It is in my guide book that the "change oil" lights will go away after poking a pointed object in the designated hole to relay to the computer that the oil has in fact been changed. Well, I've poked and poked and it does go away eventually (after about a mile of driving) but I think that is a bit much, do you agree?

PART 3: Prior to this car, I had a 1993 Buick LeSabre and it had it's grief and one was the same problem as I have with this car. I cannot, absolutely cannot, get an airflow through the dash vents (unless I run A/C).

It was pushing plenty of air the day I test drove it and not since. This is related, of course to outside air and to heat. No heat pushes through these vents either. It has to work for the individual settings for climate control to function. I do not know why, because, as I stated, it was pushing real good on the test drive!

Any ideas on that? I've read already in the book that it only works through the dash vents when you use economy, not so. It was there once and now not.

Thanks for you time and input,
I appreciate your input very much.

A. 1. ABS light should leave a code or many stored in the ABS module. Do you have any of these written down? Otherwise it would be a guess like everyone is doing. If there are speed sensor codes you may have a bad sensor or the wire harness to it is bad.

2. Have you called a dealer about this? Maybe you are not touching the right button inside that hole? Have you dropped the panel to see what's behind it?

3.Sounds like the vacuum supply line may have a leak somewhere. I would be looking under the hood at all the vacuum lines first. You also may have a problem in the programmer if it has electronic HVAC. Another reason to see a dealer.

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