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Dodge Dynasty Starts And Dies

Q. Vincent, I own a 1991 with a 3.3 engine. I am having a problem with it that I had once before, but after checking several things on it at the repair shop and having it towed home again, it started and ran for eight months. What originally happened is that the car was running fine. I turned it off the first time at the Doctor's office.

Dodge Dynasty Starts And Dies

When I came out, the car started right up but died right away. I could start it a dozen times and it would start right up, then it would die. I walked home that day after having it towed to the garage for repairs. The mechanic checked several things on it (oxygen sensor, fuel pump, etc.) but could not fault anything. He called me and told me to come and get it (tow it home) as he could not figure out how to keep it running.

A friend of mine towed it home for me, backed it into a space and it sat there for a week or two. I went out one day just to check it out and it started right up. I drove it for another eight months and then one day when I got out of work, it started doing the same thing. It would start right up but then die. Start and die. Over and over. Ended up having it towed again. We checked everything out we could think of. It was getting gas, it was getting spark. But as soon as we let off the key, it would maybe run two seconds and quit, just like you turned it off.

The neighborhood Car Quest owner told us that he had heard about some of the computers for that model car having a glitch in them, because of some models having a type of anti-theft mechanism built into the computer. We bought a new computer and installed it; then it would not start at all! (I think we got a mismatch, although it did say it was for that car.) we were able to return that computer. We put the original one in; it starts and stalls like usual.

Anyway, we are totally stumped. The car ran GREAT when it ran. It was a nice comfy little car. It is just so aggravating that it would stop running like that. My husband and I both got laid off back in November, so we can't really afford to keep replacing computers and other expensive parts. Any ideas on this? I am at my wit's end. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.


A. Well Diana, I came across a few of these. The best, most cost effective way to get this resolved is to have the system scanned by a Chrysler Dealer. I think you will find that you do, indeed, need a revised SBEC.

No.: 14-01-91
Group: Fuel
Date: Feb. 11, 1991
Subject: Start And Stall - Vehicles Not Equipped With Vehicle Theft Alarm (VTA)

1991 Dynasty/New Yorker Salon Imperial/New Yorker Fifth Avenue

The Vehicle Cranks, Starts And Immediately Stalls. This May Be Caused By Engine Controllers, On Vehicles Not Equipped With Vehicle Theft Alarm (VTA), Invoking A VTA Engine Shut Down.

Diagnosis: With a DRB II connected to the engine diagnostic connector, select "FUEL/IGNITION" under "ENGINE". Select "STATE DISPLAY (3)", "MONITORS (4)", and then "NO START (6)". The display will read "VTA FUEL". Crank the engine. If "VTA KILL" is displayed, replace the SBEC.

Parts Required:
Engine Single Board Engine Controller
2.5 Liter Federal Part Number 4672482
3.3 Liter Federal Part Number 4686442
3.3 Liter California Part Number 4686444

Repair Procedure:
This procedure involves replacement of the SBEC with a revised SBEC.

  1. Replace the SBEC with the appropriate part from the list above.

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