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Geo Metro Check Engine Light

Q. Hi, I have a 1994 Geo Metro with a "Check Engine Light" that wont go out, I have reset it by diconnecting the battery but it comes back on after a few miles. The engine in the car came frome a 1991 Geo Metro and the light never came on in that one. Anyway, I have taken it to three or four different places to have it computer analyzed with no results.

One place didn't have Metro on their computer device, another said their device wouldn't connect to the port under my dash and the last place was able to connect to the port under the dash but said that port wouldn't do the job.

They tried a port under the hood that their device indicated was the place to test but couldn't figure out which three connections out of the six they should use, they even tried to use a jumper (paper clip) on the port under the dash saying the car's computer might be self analyzing. They tried to explain the process to me but it went over my head a bit.

They said something about a Direct Link something or other. Anyway the light is still on, my question is "Do you know where and or how to hook up the Analyzer Computer device to my Geo? I can't even find a Chilton book available for my car, it is running fine but the light bugs me.

As I said we replaced the engine and all the sensors from a 1991 Geo with no results, I guess we might have missed something, any help would be appriciated.


A. A dealer should be able to figure it out. Some Geos have a set mileage that the light comes on for a maintenance check. There may be a small switch under the dash to reset the light. Otherwise, you'll need a Tech 1 to scan it.

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