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Chevy Astro Broken Door Handle

Q. Hello Vincent, I have a problem with a 1993 Chevy Astro Van. I can't open my back door. The handle just flops around. I have ordered a new one, but I was told you have to replace it from the inside. Thus the problem; I can't open it. So here is the question. How do I get the door open to fix it?

Muskegon Mi.

Chevy Astro Broken Door Handle

A. If you look at the old handle you will see two things that look like bolts. Center punch them and drill out with a ¼" drill to knock the heads off. Then you can remove the handle and trip the linkage to open the door. On the inside door jamb just below the latch, there is a small "trap" door with four screws. Remove them and the door to access the inside of the door to retrieve the nuts/studs to install the new handle.

There is an improved door handle. Part numbers 15173051 and 15173052 (L and R).

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