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Jeep Cherokee No Power To Fuel Pump

Q. Aloha Vince, Hope you are able to help us with a perplexing problem. Problem is with friends 1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer.

  • VIN: 154FJ38L4KL501315
  • MFD: 12/88
  • Engine: 4.0 liter L6
  • Milage: 204,740
  • Transmission: 5 Speed Manual, 4WD
  • P/B, P/S and A/C

Jeep Cherokee No Power To Fuel Pump

PROBLEM: Friend said vehicle was working fine, then it just quit and died. While checking it out we found that there was no fuel pressure. Engine turned over fine and tester showed it had spark. Disconnected fuel pump at connector 139 and ran a hot wire directly to pump. Since no noise was heard assumed pump was no good and had it replaced along with a new filter.

Tried starting, no go. Fuel pressure gauge showed zero pressure, although engine cranked over. Looked over electrical schematic and commenced to check relays and fuse links (fuse links and connectors were OK). There was power to A/C and power latch relays but not to those of the fuel pump and oxygen heater.

Traced wire from fuel pump to connector block at driver side kick panel and jumped it directly to battery, and now fuel pump powers up. Friend gave a "good" computer and said maybe it needed changing. Still no power to injectors or fuel and oxygen heater relays after computer swap.

Checked all possible points for possible opens or shorts (no smoke or fuses cut). Right now we are at a loss. Only other thing that comes to mind is that a few months ago, the clutch master went out and leaked fluid onto The fuse block and wiring harness which is located directly below it. Possible that fluid caused a connection failure? Trouble is, we cannot disconnect the block and harness to check, as the screw holding the harness will not come out. Are we dong something wrong? Or is there a latch or undo?

Anyway any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


A. No, there is nothing special about that. it's just a plain old screw. Did you check the fusible links? Power for the fuel pump goes through a fusible link and not a fuse. I would use a meter to test them.

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