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Chevy Blazer Service Manual

Q. Hi, where can I get a book on auto repair with illustrations and detailed info on engine parts? Specifically, electrical components. I need to replace my throttle sensor due to low voltage (per engine analysis at local AutoZone.) I do have some experience DIY but all on older models. I have been driving a 1976 Chevy van.

Chevy Blazer Service Manual

I have done the usual work to the 1997 Chevy Blazer, changed oil, antifreeze ect. Even changed the oil coolant lines, man that rear one is a pain! I think I can work on this Chevy Blazer if I can just get a "road map" to the engine.


A. Most generic manuals are very vague. I would suggest on something this new to order the factory service manuals. There are two or three large books covering all aspects of repair to your Blazer.

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