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Ford Windstar Cruise Control In-op

Q. Sir: During the past six months, my cruise control has only functioned intermittently. Some times it comes on when I push ON and SET/ACCELERATE, sometimes not. The van is in great shape, and I need it to commute to my job, which is 11 hours away. I don't get home too often.

Ford Windstar Cruise Control In-op

On my last trip, it didn't work at all and that makes a long trip even longer. I did notice that the "cruise" indicator light on my dash blinks briefly (a fraction of a second) when I push the SET/ACCELERATE button, but it doesn't stay on and the cruise control doesn't work.

I'm a fair shade-tree mechanic, and my son is a certified automotive technician, but unfortunately he's back at home, 11 hours away! Your advice would be greatly appreciated, since I'd like to try and fix this thing myself.

I've checked the fuses listed in the owner's manual under cruise control, 15 amp fuses in positions #7 and #30 in the fuse panel, and they check out by both visual and continuity meter test. I look forward to your reply.

  • 1998 Ford Windstar
  • 3.0 liter V-6
  • Automatic transmission
  • 163,000 miles
  • Fuel injected
  • ABS brakes
  • P/S, A/C, Cruise control
  • Rack and pinion steering


A. The cruise control system in that vehicle has a self test it can do that should tell you what's wrong.

To Enter Self-Test:

  1. Fully engage parking brake. Make sure brake pedal is released.
  2. Begin static portion of self-test by pressing and holding speed control OFF switch.
  3. Turn ignition switch from OFF to RUN. The CRUISE indicator on the instrument cluster will flash once to indicate the speed control module has entered diagnostic mode. If the CRUISE indicator does not flash repeat Steps 1-3. If the CRUISE indicator still does not flash, diagnose the CRUISE indicator.
  4. Release the OFF switch.
  5. The CRUISE indicator will flash as each switch is pressed while performing self-test. Press each switch in the order described while observing CRUISE indicator for a flash. Note any switch activation that does not cause a flash. Within 5 seconds of turning the ignition switch to RUN:

    • Press the ON switch.
    • Press the RESUME switch.
    • Press the COAST switch.
    • Press the SET/ACCEL switch.
  6. NOTE: The ON switch must be pressed within 5 seconds after entering diagnostic mode or the speed control module will return to normal operating state and self-test must be repeated

Ford Windstar Cruise Control In-op

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