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Jeep Grand Cherokee Sun Roof Leaks

Q. Dear Vince: my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee is leaking water into the driver's side just above the carpet and in the rear on the driver's side. I know it is leaking from the sunroof but I don't know what to do. What do I look for to repair this problem? I know that you are overwhelmed with questions and I would really appreciate any advice and help from you.

Thank you,
Philadelphia, PA

Jeep Grand Cherokee Sun Roof Leaks

A. Overwhelmed is an understatement Al. I have more questions that a school full of third graders.

As it so happens, there is a Technical Service Bulletin out on this problem.

NUMBER: 23-44-99
DATE: Nov. 5, 1999

Sun Roof Water Leaks

This bulletin involves installing a revised sun roof drain channel containing a secondary seal.

1999 - 2000 (WJ) Grand Cherokee

A water leak may be present at the rear of the sunroof when the vehicle is in an automatic car wash containing very high-pressure water jets. Water can push past the primary seal and enter the drain channel. Under certain circumstances, the water may splash or mist into the passenger compartment. An improved drain channel has been developed which contains a secondary seal.

If customers complain of this condition and no other sunroof problems are evident, perform the Repair Procedure.

1 05012769AA Drain Channel

This repair is compatible with Daimler Chrysler's mobile service program and does not require hoists or other full service facility special equipment.

  1. Open the vent shade and then open the sunroof to the vent position but do not allow the sunroof to slide rearward.
  2. From outside the vehicle remove the two rear drain channel attaching screws
CAUTION: Use care not to drop either of the two attaching screws into the sun roof mechanism. A magnetic screwdriver is recommended for this procedure.
  1. Remove the drain channel.
  2. Install the new channel, p/n 05012769AA, tightening the attaching screws to 2 Nm (18-in.lbs.).

You know what Al? I would kill for a Pats Cheese steak. What they call a Cheese steak here in Minnesota is pitiful.

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