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Dodge Ram Cruise Control Doesn't Work

Q. You have been a great help in the past, but I know have a couple more minor problems. My truck, a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD 5.2 liter engine, has not had a working cruise for about two weeks. I had it in the shop to do some routine maintenance, and since that very day the cruise won't work. I turn the cruise on and the light come on, but when I go to set it at a certain speed, nothing happens. Any ideas??

Dodge Ram Cruise Control Doesn't Work

Question 2#
This is really weird, and it deals with my A/C. The air conditioner works great, blows good and cool, and it is needed. However about two weeks ago, whenever I have the A/C going, and have to accelerate or am going up a hill, the air conditioning stops blowing out at the passengers and switches to blowing up top at the defrost.

As soon as I am done accelerating or going up the hill, it switches back to blowing on me. I know this sounds weird, and is probably an easy solution, I'm just not figuring out. Please help.

Thanks again…

A. Want to know what's really weird about this? Both problems are related. Yep, that's what the man said, he said that, I heard him say it. Related.

Look underneath the battery for a loose, deteriorated, or leaking vacuum supply hose at the speed control servo. Battery acid drips on this hose and destroys it. What has this to do with the HVAC he's asking.

The Cruise Control and the HVAC use the same Vacuum Reservoir so if the hose is gone, both systems will fail. The vacuum reservoir is mounted in the right cowl plenum area, under the cowl plenum cover/grille panel. The reservoir contains a one-way check valve to trap engine vacuum in the reservoir.

When engine vacuum drops, as in climbing a grade while driving, the reservoir supplies the vacuum needed to maintain proper speed control and HVAC operation. The vacuum reservoir cannot be repaired and must be replaced if faulty.

There is a TSB out on this, number 08-22-97. This bulletin involves installing a gasket between the battery tray and the Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS) to prevent battery acid from dripping onto the speed control servo vacuum hose and replacing the battery.

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