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Ford Explorer Power Windows

Q. I have a 1990 Ford Explorer XLT and I'm having problems with the windows, sometimes they work and sometimes they won't. Now my driver window won't roll back up, but the moon roof works just fine. What is the problem and what can I do to fix it?

Ford Explorer Power Windows

A. If it is just the one window that doesn't work, then the most likely problem is a bad window motor. If it's a problem with all the windows at the same time, it's probably a bad master window switch or power supply problem.

Pop the master window switch out and check for power at 227 and 226 with the switch in the down and up positions respectively. If there is power there when the switch is operated, then the problem is most likely the window motor or wiring. If there is power in only one direction, it is a bad switch. If the is no power then check the light blue/black wire for power. if there is power, bad switch. If there is no power, then look at the fuse for the power windows and the wiring between the fuse and the power window switch.

Ford Explorer Power Windows

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