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Mitsubishi Eclipse Runs Really Bad Hot

Q. Hi, The problem has gotten worse over the last year and a half. Started out with cranking car when it was cold or had sat for a while, the care would not run. I would push in clutch and rev engine to keep it running. When it got warmed up it would run quietly. This would happen for up to three to four weeks and not happen for a month or so.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Runs Really Bad Hot

Now the problem is when you crank the car up it runs quietly and if you take it on a long drive like say the highway or any speed about 50 or above for 20 minutes or more, it will start jerking and hesitating, smoking and the valves rattle terribly, as if it is not getting fuel or something. The car will die and you have to push in the pop the clutch. Stop somewhere and let the car cool down and usually it will run smoothly again.

Around town it runs fine back and forth to work, no long trips or errands around town. I had it worked on having idle air control valve replaced, tune up, plugs, wires, etc. The mechanic doesn't know what the problem is because it doesn't act up when he is around. I've replaced the temperature sensors, no good results.

Today the problem was going on after I had driven across town and gotten the car pretty hot. I pulled out into traffic quickly and I could feel the hesitation before that the car started smoking heavily with a terrible odor. blue smoke.

I pulled into a car shop and the guy put it on a machine, lots of codes were coming up. He suggested it could be the EGR valve and solenoid since the problem now only happens when the car has been driven for a while and gotten hot especially on the highway at steady speeds. Please help me to be able to drive my car out of town again. What do you suggest?

  • 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS
  • 2.0 liter engine
  • 110,000 miles
  • Manual transmission
  • ABS, P/S, A/C


Hello again, I can wait until you return. Over the weekend gave me a chance to see if pulling off the hose to the ERG valve and plugging it with a screw would stop the problem I was having. This was recommended by the mechanic.

Well, guess what? It did not work at all. The car still looses power, valves start knocking loud and engine cuts off. If you push the gas the car just jerks and jerks. Any ideas now!!! This is so frustrating that no one seems to know what the problem is. I've spent about $1500.00 already on various things. I did replace the idle air control valve.

A. It would have helped to know what codes the mechanic got from the computer. That would be a help in starting to look for possible causes.

I'm concerned about the valves that, according to your description, start making noise and the blue smoke. That sounds like a loss of oil pressure or internal engine problems.

It could be a fuel pump that starts to malfunction when it gets warm, a head gasket that's blown or an oil pump going bad.

One thing you can try to narrow the possibilities down is to remove the fuel filter and carefully cut it open. If there are metal shavings or metal chunks, that would tend to support the bad fuel pump possibility.

A fuel pressure gauge would also serve to confirm the bad fuel pump possibility. If the fuel pressure drops when the problem occurs, it would confirm the bad fuel pump.

Likewise using a mechanical oil pressure gauge will determine if there is an oil pump problem. A compression test would serve to confirm or deny a bad head gasket.

Personally, I'm leaning towards a bad head gasket.

If it is a 1996 Eclipse 2.0 liter DOHC non-turbo-charged model, there is a PCM software upgrade that may help you. That will have to be done at the dealer. Have them reference TSB-03-13-006 dated May 2003. If a DTC P0401 "EGR System Failure" was one of the codes the mechanic got, it could very well be the upgrade will help you.

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