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Ford Taurus DTC P1746

Q. I need some help and advice. I have a 1997 Ford Taurus 3.0 liter V-6, automatic transmission, 88,000 miles, VIN "U", P/S, A/C and fuel injection. Two weeks ago my Check Engine Light came on. I had it checked and the DTC's P0133, P0302B, P1746C came up. I replaced the coil pack and the check engine light went off, and there is no longer any DTC codes.

Ford Taurus DTC P1746

But now when I drive the car the transmission slams when I put it in drive and also whenever the RPM's hit 2,000 and internally shifts. It is hard enough that it feels like the car was hit. I was told it might be an EPC solenoid. Could you please tell me if it might be the solenoid and if it is where exactly is it located? I appreciate your help.


A. The DTC P1746 would indicate a bad Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) Solenoid. The EPC Solenoid is located inside the transmission. Not something I would recommend for a DIY job.

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