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Nissan Maxima Vacuum Hose Diagram

Q. Vince, Question: 1987 Nissan Maxima 3.0 liter V-6, 200,000 miles. Car was running fine. Engine began chugging/coughing black smoke like a coal burning locomotive. Will only run at or slightly above idle. Runs rough at idle. Timing and compression was verified by local shop. Three separate shops unable to determine cause of failure.

Nissan Maxima Vacuum Hose Diagram

Inspection revealed IAV faulty, burned through, and intake plenum and filter full of sooty carbon deposits. Plugs were pulled and found extremely carboned/sooty after only five minutes of running. One shop said replace Fuel Pressure Regulator, another said replace IAV, another said "I don't know where to begin". Plugs and wires are new. Fuel pressure regulator replaced, no effect.

This model vehicle has more vacuum hoses than a Hoover factory. Also, since three different shops have looked at vehicle, there is now some question as to certain vacuum hose routing. Fuel Pressure Regulator Solenoid. Is there anywhere to find a vacuum hose routing diagram? None posted under hood. I have gotten it to run at idle, rough, no more black smoke, but will not accelerate and still soots plugs rapidly. Looking for help.


A. The vacuum diagrams are too large for me to post here. But you can get them at the Public Library in the Reference Section.

Before you go, look at the emission certification label under the hood to determine if you have a Federal or California emissions vehicle.

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