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Dodge Caravan A/C & Recirc Flashing

Q. I have a 1997 Dodge Caravan and the panel lights on inside/outside air and A/C off on snowflake button flash at a constant rate. I had this problem before and it cost me $197.00 to get it reset by dealer. I know this is a computer and my question is how do I reset them? The air works just fine. I was told by a mechanic that they could be reset but he forgot how he had did it.


Dodge Caravan A/C & Recirc Flashing

A. In order to turn off those lights, you need to perform an A/C Cooldown Test. Here's the explanation and procedure.

A/C and Recirc LED Flashing Simultaneously


  1. Determine if the refrigerant system is operating correctly:
    • Check the outlet air temperature
    • Feel the compressor suction plumbing, is it hot?
  2. If not OK, go to Step 3. If OK, repeat the Calibration Diagnostic and Cooldown test.
  3. If system does not seem to be operating correctly, perform diagnostics for poor performance:
    • Low refrigerant charge
    • No charge
    • Compressor not operating

Verify that the test was done with the evaporator at room temperature. The test consists of starting the compressor and measuring the time it takes for the evaporator temperature to fall 20°F. If the compressor has been running, the evaporator is cold already and will not be capable of falling 20°F.

If the test was run with a cold evaporator, turn A/C off and turn the blower motor switch to high position for three to five minutes till the evaporator is to room temperature. Then repeat the Calibration Diagnostic and Cooldown test.

If refrigerant system is performing properly and the system will not pass test. Repeat the Calibration Diagnostic and Cooldown test to determine if the evaporator temperature FIN sensor has developed an open or a short circuit. If the HVAC control module still passes Calibration test, verify Cooldown test manually with a pocket thermometer. The outlet air temperature must drop at least 20°F within two minutes.

If the vehicle passes with the manual thermometer, take HVAC control to level 4 evaporator probe temperature readout and repeat the Cooldown test. Ensure the evaporator is at room temperature before starting test. Check if evaporator probe will drop the temperature 20°F in two minutes. If the Evaporator Probe is found to be faulty, check that the sensor is positioned in the evaporator fins properly. If not, correct and repeat test. If okay, replace the evaporator probe.

Once the repairs are completed, repeat the Calibration Diagnostic and Cooldown test. Repeating the test is necessary to clear the fault codes.

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