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Ford Mustang GT Fuse Boxes

Q. Hello Vincent, 1994 Ford Mustang GT. My Air Conditioning stopped working, and I think it may be a blown fuse or relay. Do you have a fuse diagram for this vehicle? I checked both fuse boxes, and both say to see owners manual, which I do not have (Bought the car used). I checked the fuse boxes and found a couple of broken fuses, but hey did not make the A/C run.

Ford Mustang GT Fuse Boxes

There are several fuse/relay that I can not tell if they are bad or good. Do you have any advise? The blowers and vent still work just fine. When I try to turn on the A/C it just pumps out hot air. I also notice that there is no drag on the engine performance when I switch it on, which leads me to believe that the A/C unit is not turning on. Can you please send me the fuse diagram or send me a link where I can find it?

Thanks a Million!

A. Here you go Wes!

Ford Mustang GT Fuse Boxes
Instrument Panel Fuse Box

Ford Mustang GT Fuse Boxes
Engine Compartment Fuse Box

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