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Nissan Maxima Speedometer

Q. I have a 1997 Nissan Maxima SE and about a year ago my speedometer has been acting up. In that I mean sometimes it registers the speed and other times it doesn't. I did notice that if I go over a certain speed (i.e. 55 mph) it works fine. And of course the "service engine soon" light is on, which resulted on a failed smog inspection.

Nissan Maxima Speedometer

I had it checked and was told it was the speed sensor. From the dealer I had purchased a new speed sensor and had it replaced by another mechanic other than the dealer, but unfortunately it did not fix the problem, the service engine light is still on.

I was then told that I have to replace the whole speedometer since the mechanic thinks that there is some sort of sensor near the speed-o-head, which is causing the service warning to be on.

Before I spend more money on something uncertain, is there something you might know that can be causing the problem?? Also, I don't know if this is a coincidence or anything, but ever since the speed sensor has been replaced, the problem does not seem to be happening as often as it did before the replacement.

I disconnected the battery to see if the service light comes off, but to no avail. Please, if there is any information you can provide, it will greatly be appreciated. And if there is any other additional information I can provide, I will be more than happy to give it you.

Thanks in advance…

A. Before I go on trying replacement parts, I would check the wiring harness. Specifically under the hood by the right strut tower. Wire breakage inside this harness at the bend has been a problem for these cars and a multitude of malfunctions can be attributed to it.

Specifically you are looking for a light green/gray and a brown/white wire. If you have a code P0500 and these two wires are broken, you found your problem. Now be careful here. The wire may be broken inside the insulation so the break will not be obvious. In other words it may look good but still be broken.

There was a TSB issued on this and the Nissan Dealer has a repair kit and procedure to effect repairs to the harness.

Nissan Maxima Speedometer

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