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Volkswagen Jetta Overheating

Q. I have a 1996 Volkswagen Jetta GL. One day, all of a sudden, my fan stopped coming on and it is causing the engine to overheat at a very fast rate, I've checked all of the fuses and they seem fine except for a flat fuse that is housed in the engine next to little bubble container that holds water for the radiator, it is blown and when I replaced it, it blew again.

Volkswagen Jetta Overheating

Can you tell me if this part has any thing to do with the radiator fan? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks…

A. Yes, it is related. S107 is the coolant fan second and third speed fuse. S108 is the coolant fan first speed and A/C clutch fuse.

If those fuses are blowing, then there is a short somewhere. Hopefully in the cooling fan motor. Unplug the cooling fans and pop in a new fuse. If it's okay, then it is a cooling fan. If it still blows then it's in the wiring, hence the hope it was a cooling fan.

If that's the case, the best thing to do is go to the main branch of your Public Library and get a copy of the wiring diagram and trace down the short.

Volkswagen Jetta Overheating

Volkswagen Jetta Overheating

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