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Chevy 1500 Pickup Is Overheating

Q. I have a 1990 Chevy 1500 Pickup 2WD, 350 V-8. A few weeks ago, the water pump started leaking. So I replace it. Then my temperature gauge showed that it was running hot. Gauge would go over into the red and turn on "CHECK GAUGE" light on, but the truck was not boiling or steaming.

Chevy 1500 Pickup Is Overheating

So I replace temperature sensor, hoses, radiator, radiator cap, and thermostat. No change and my heater would blow hot and cold air. So I put a aftermarket temperature gauge on to see how hot it was. The gauge shows 190°. So I have assumed the gauge went bad but was fine before I changed the water pump. The heater still blows hot and cold.

If really cold outside then it blows cold more often. In changing hoses I did not change heater hoses. Again heater would run you out before pump was change. Radiator is full when cold. Any ideas? It's making my head hurt. Out of ideas of my own.

A. Where was the sensor located that you replaced? There are two. The one on top of the intake near the thermostat is the coolant temperature sensor that the ECM uses to tell engine temperature. The gauge sensor is located between #1 & #3 spark plugs. Should have a green wire to it, one wire. The other sensor has two wires.

As for the lack of heat, sounds like you may still have air in the system. Try letting run with the truck facing up an incline so the radiator cap is higher than the rest of system. Let it run with the cap off and let the upper hose get hot so you know the thermostat is open. Let the coolant circulate and top off system, put the cap on and see what you have.

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