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Dodge Caravan Has A Bad Ticker

Q. Vincent, I appreciate your web site. It is very informative and quite helpful. I also have a Question about a 2002 Dodge Caravan Grand Sport Mini-Van. Question is: Vehicle was purchased three months ago in Glendale Arizona. About three weeks ago a "ticking" sound can be heard coming from the engine at startup and even louder during acceleration.

Dodge Caravan Has A Bad Ticker

Oil and filter was changed with correct oil viscosity and filter as defined in Dodge User's Manual spec. However "ticking" sound remains. Dealer performed work on vehicle today including another problem related to airbag, but "ticking" sound is still obvious.

Dealer says "ticking" sound is normal and I shouldn't worry because it's under warranty. I am concerned because the "ticking" is loud and sounds as if engine is low on oil and lifters are loose or not getting any oil. At this time dealer is refusing to fix the problem. What course of action can I take?

  • 2002 Dodge Caravan
  • 3.3 liter V-6
  • Automatic transmission
  • 25,000 miles
  • Fuel Injection
  • ABS brakes
  • P/S, A/C, Cruise control

Thank you,

A. The "ticking" noise is almost certainly coming from the Hydraulic Lash Adjusters (HLA). If the dealer will not address the issue, then you should contact Chrysler Customer Service (number is in your Owners Manual) and file a complaint. Then request a meeting with the District Factory Representative and discuss the matter with him.

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