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Crown Victoria Tight Steering

Q. 1994 Ford Crown Victoria LX 4.6 liter V-8 P/S, A/C and fuel injection. I replaced all front end parts: ball joints, tie rod ends, and power steering pump, but still have the same problem with it being hard to steer at different times. It like binds up. Any suggestions?

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Crown Victoria Tight Steering

A. Well you certainly narrowed down the possibilities. Now the most likely cause is the steering box itself. It may be binding or too tight.

With the engine running, turn the steering wheel back and forth. You want to feel the play from where the steering wheel just starts to turn the front wheels one way and then the other. There should be about one inch of play. If there is no play, the steering box is too tight. If there is more than one inch, it's too loose.

There are some special tools required to do the adjustment properly, so I would recommend the dealer do it.

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